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Figure 1: Here, There, And Everywhere: Eurasian Cities Exhibition Pamplet, Image downloaded from the original website,

The multi-year project entitled "Imagining New Eurasia" was commissioned by Asia Cultural Centre in GwangJu, carried out by architecture-trained artist, and curator, Kyong Park. It was then that I first knew about this project when a talk was being arranged by NTU Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA), Singapore on the 11th April 2017. 

"Imagining New Eurasia" - as introduced by the artist himself aims to visualise the "historical precedents and contemporary construction of Eurasia as one continent", and to imagine the imagination of these possibly new conceptual linkages between the East and West. This project being at its last phase grounds itself on the title "Mine, Yours, and Ours: Borders, Territories, and Unions". 

Singapore is his first destination in his "expedition" to travel across 15/16 cities across Eurasia in order to collect and gather materials and information to be exhibited in Asia Cultural Centre in the coming year. 

Figure 2: Photo taken at The Single Screen, Public Programme by NTU Centre for Contemporary Art, 2017

Speculative Spatiology

In his 360 degree video projection at the suspended pavilion, one sees the fragmentation of localised panoramic landscapes of different cities co-existing with one another. Buildings, river, and people, dissolving, almost rhythmically fading and transitioning to another urban cityscape. At certain parts of the video, one could easily overlook a single change of the building facade if without close attention, as Kyong Park reads aloud in describing this video piece as "one continuous digital scroll, without an end or a beginning". 

Link to project here:

Figure 3: Photo taken at The Single Screen, Image from the artists' slides, 2017

Figure 4: Photo taken at The Single Screen, Image from the artists' slides, 2017

This project highly engages the role of other artists, architects, and the audience through the act of collective participation. Urban Poetry employs linguistic play, with an open-ended structure for audience to put up singular words which relates to the climate relations of the city to the mosaic of landscapes into sentences. 

Link to project here:

It is in this participatory process that the artist also posit the thought that all these may be futile, to ridicule the attempt to even define what is "Eurasia", and what lies beneath is probably the possibility of not being able to elucidate what Eurasia is and may be in its ever-changing environment. 

The artist embarked on a journey to re-create and re-identify what one may or may not fully encounter in the near future. And we continue to dwell in vision such as "One Belt, One Road", the geo-politics behind the shifting of trade routes, giving rise to more speculative geographical changes that shape future characteristics of each borderlands. 

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