6 days 5 nights in Hong Kong – Day 3

The athletic side of us came strong since we have plenty of time to explore the nature in Hong Kong. We packed some light Chinese bun for breakfast from the same dim sum place near our hotel before taking the MTR all the way to Shau Kei Wan MTR. We planned this short hike along Dragon’s Back Mountain to be within 2.5—3 hours. There are plenty of other hikes you may pursue in Hong Kong, but we thought we’d do just one simple hike this time.

After exiting MTR Shau Kei Wan Station Exit A and you'll find Shau Kei Wan Bus Terminus, we took bus no.9 for about 15-20 mins till we alight at To Tei Wan, Shek O Road where the entrance is.

After ascending for about 30mins, you will reach a junction to decide whether to go for another 3 hours straight or 1.5 hours to the Dragon’s Back peak. We took the 1.5 hours trail to the peak, turning right and going all the way up.

It’s the perfect weather to hike in winter but do apply sunblock and moisturiser as the wind gets pretty strong and there are paths that aren’t covered in tree shades.

 After reaching the peak, explore around the rocky areas, and continue on the path. 

You will reach the second junction while descending whether to go To Tei Wan where we started off, or to Tai Tam Gap, and we went for the latter. 

You will come across the 3rd junction; going left for about 45mins will lead you to an exit and take the bus to Shau Kei Wan MTR, going right will lead you to the end point at Tai Long Wan beach.

As we already have lunch appointment elsewhere, we chose not to head towards the beach.

This day’s lunch is rather luxurious. We were invited by my friend’s parents to dine at Jardine’s Kitchen surrounded with the residential houses and apartments up the hill.

Jardine's Kitchen
Address: 2 Creasy Road, Happy Valley, Hong Kong

Crab meat steamed dumplings dipped in vinegar (One of the best!)

Deep-fried fish ball

广东琵琶豆腐 Pe-par Beancurd, mashed beancurd with other ingredients

There are 5 ways of eating it, and no I don’t recommend jumbling up all 5 methods. The first would be to eat it plain, I suggest you take a bite of its original crispy noodle taste first. The second would be to eat with sugar, now that reminds me of Indian Prata! Thirdly, you can dip into the 2 different bowls of vinegar to excite your taste bud a little further. Lastly, go for the stir fried bean sprout with pork strips in sauce (I am not entirely sure of all the ingredients in there but let's just say it all compliment well).
肉丝两面黄  Pan Fried Noodles

After showering, we walked over to Tung Choi Street Market in hope to buy something cheap. We failed at bargaining, it really isn’t that negotiable compared to buying in Mainland China. There isn’t much to get either. We grabbed a quick simple soup noodle at 荣园面家, located along Tung Choi Street Market. 

Ladies, list down the possible cosmetics, facial masks, vitamin supplements you might want to look out for or have been using because there are some really good deals at these drugstores such as SaSa, Mannings, Bonjour and Colour Mix.

The holiday crowd

If none of the shops attract you, stand somewhere and observe their street performances taken over by the elderly. It’s their party territory.

After exploring around the area further, we finally joined in the queue that we have spotted days ago for this dessert that everyone seemed to be curious about. We grabbed a Black Sesame ice-cream while waiting and it turns out to be pretty smooth and rich. Meanwhile, the warm Crème Brulee Vanila Souffle Pancake sweetens up the cold night!

And so this day ended to replenish our energy for tomorrow’s walk! 

Check out Day 4 in the next post!



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