6 days 5 nights in Hong Kong - Last day before the flight

Day 5 is the last full day we had in Hong Kong as our flight is in the afternoon the next day. This morning we went back to Kum Wah Café and Bakery at Mong Kok in hope to try out other food. Unfortunately, we did not check in advance as some of the dishes are in the lunch menu that is only available at 12pm. So we went on to order the same food except that we added cheese to the French Toast. And I ordered a take-away cup of hot Almond Milk and headed to Victoria Peak Tram Station again. Thankfully we were still early, and we could skip another queue and use our Octopus Card to tap in. And we went up in no time! Do not worry if your card does not have sufficient credit to come back down because you can top up when you have arrived at Victoria Peak. But be sure to bring along your Octopus Card as it might save you some time from queuing to get the physical ticket.

The wind blew strong and chilling even under the glazing sun. Though we didn’t manage to capture the night scene, it’s on the checked list of places we have explored together (psst, my partner was here with another ‘girlfriend’ just a couple of years ago).

We met up with our friend at Times Square again and headed to Para Site together. Glad my partner is an easy-going person who knows how to entertain himself as I visit galleries and museum. Para Site is located at the upper top floor of an industrial building, secluded, and tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

We were surprised to find an empty space, only with sunlight lit on the shades of blue and green carpet upon entering. As we peek around, the actual piece of performance was activated. 4 dancers/performers walked out and started to perform. It is a durational piece, and as long as the audience is in the space, the performance goes on in repeat.

The artist, Manuel Pelmus isn’t present for this live performance though he is a dancer and choreographer himself. Movements at an Exhibition highlights the metaphorical representation of social actions and protests through movements, songs, sounds, and gesture. The artist makes us aware of the specificity of a live performance where meanings are produced anew by different embodiments of time, space, and bodies. And it is being generated over and over again everyday, with different groups of audiences who became part of the reenactments.

Looking down the staircase from the entrance of Para Site, don't worry there's a lift

There's also a door where you can access the roof top building but be careful!
When the performance is on its repeat, we left and walked for about 10-15mins to Quarry Bay estate that is densely populated and often representative of Hong Kong’s iconic estate on social media.

I wrote in Instagram that the first impression of this estate is dirty, sunlight seemed to be barely shining into the windows as they are kept shut for privacy, walls unpolished except for a few blocks that seemed to have theirs painted lately with clear defined lines. The shared communal space in the middle filled with trash bags and disposable items. The extended ground floor roof cover to protect the pathway in front of the shops has tissue papers and junks scattered around. Meanwhile, tourists, photographers, travelers get their perfect angle, come and go and the residence have gotten so used to, even the kids aren’t bothered by your presence.

There are actually two buildings side by side, accessed by another staircase further down that will cause you to experience Déjà vu. They are of the same estate, so if you find crowd on this side, you may try the other side. In most cases, they will be packed with tourists.

This day ended with a seafood feast hotpot at our friend’s home in Hong Kong. Thanks to my friend’s father who went to the market for the freshest seafood and gotten us eel, salmon, scallop, oysters, prawn, Australian and local beef slices.

Before we embarked our journey to Hong Kong, some asked if 6 days is a little too long, and if we’re going to spend time in Disneyland or Ocean Park. But no, not this time round, and 5 days were just nice for our pace frankly speaking. 

I hope you enjoyed the information I have shared so far and find it helpful as you plan!

Till then, stay tune for more!


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